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Taking A Step – Yoga Chakras Today let’s

Taking A Step – Yoga Chakras

Today let’s look at how to develop our awareness through the use of the Yoga Chakra system. Yoga Chakras represent wheels of consciousness and by using our understanding of the four lower Chakras, we can get a map to health, wellness, happiness, and balance. The four lower Chakras relate more to the physical body and the ego-driven personality. They provide the insight and tools needed to create a well-tempered life. The enlightened use of the tools represented in these Chakras can assist us in satisfying our human needs for living a full and happy life. The insights and tools in these four lower Chakras can also pave the way for increased spirituality by strengthening our connection to the upper three chakras. When we are pulled down into the struggles of the lower chakras without conscious awareness of the issues we are dealing with, we tend to be stuck in the negative use of the elemental expressions. In this state, we are often unable to consider higher, more spiritual expressions of ourselves.

Industrial psychologist, Abraham Maslow, used a hierarchy of needs to demonstrate a similar point. He stated that until each lower need on the hierarchy was met, we cannot move up to the next need. We can apply his theory to the Chakra system. If the Muladhara Chakra, the security need, is not satisfied, we will continue to struggle to build a world that we feel safe to live in. Once our security needs are fulfilled, the next need is to find someone to share our life. This need is connected to the motivation to affiliate with others and is similar to the Svadhisthana chakra, which is above the Muladhara or base chakra. After the need for affiliation is satisfied, we then strive to move to the next need, which deals with our will or sense of personal power. At this Chakra, we move from being dependent on the structures and rules of the land and people to feeling independent; and we now want recognition for our uniqueness. This need is closely associated with the Manipura Chakra’s energy expression, or the force of our personal will and how we use that force in the world with others. For example: Do we take and grab while expressing our will? Or do we fight injustices by confronting and dealing with issues in a mature and respectful way while honoring self and others? The fourth Chakra, Anahata, deals with our need to learn, grow, and understand. If we use this Chakra and its gifts in just a black and white thinking pattern, we tend to lack the understanding of complexities and we then start to follow the principle of the laws of the land rather than the spirit of the law which looks at each situation and strives to apply compassionate understanding. Without compassion, we lose our sense of interdependency that links us to the preservation of human life. Once compassion toward self and others is developed and expressed, we become more consciously and consistently linked to the three upper chakras related to our being, or spiritual side. This Yoga Chakra system helps us to understand how we can strengthen the link of the human being of the physical world with the human being of the spiritual world.

For a well-tempered life, we can focus on developing the more mature use of the tools to develop and strengthen our connection to our higher, more spiritual expressions. In the four lower Chakras, we find the tools to help us navigate our journey through life. As we become more aware of how the tools are used, we link more consciously to the upper three chakras. This developmental process takes place throughout our lives.

I always say that the first set of tools has to do with developing our self-awareness. The next sets of tools take us into developing a focused approach to goal-setting and an understanding of where our imbalances originate.

Once we have identified and clarified what these imbalances might be, we can then see how they affect us and provide some suggestions to reestablish balance….



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