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Taking a Step – the Journey Continues In

Taking a Step – the Journey Continues

In our last blog I discussed the first Life Skill as recognizing parameters and acting proactively. Let’s build on life skills in this blog.

LIFE SKILL – BE ATTENTIVE AND LEARN HOW TO INTREPRET THE SIGNS: The next life skill that has helped on my journey of life is learning to be very attentive to the signs along the way and to learn how to cognitively interpret them to help navigate the journey effectively and efficiently.

The first thing you must assume is that you are going somewhere and that the journey will be well marked with the signs or indicators leading the way. So the first task was to learn how to locate the signs and to begin to build confidence in the markings. Just as in life, you have to look for markings along the way and be able to interpret them. To our confusion, besides seashells, yellow arrows also indicated where to go. Initially, we didn’t trust the yellow arrows but we soon began to take them more seriously. In fact, we learned to trust the yellow arrows more than we did the seashells.

At various points on the Way, we had to have our Camino passport stamped. The stamped passport is a must for getting your Certificate of Completion called your Compostella once you have walked over 100 km. So at the beginning of our hike, we started by walking through Ferrol looking for our first yellow seashells or yellow arrows. This was initially exciting. Then we lost our way and just kept walking through the town feeling a bit worried about the whole idea of carrying on for over 100 kilometers. We began to feel as if we were nuts. What were we thinking to commit to a 100 km hike when we couldn’t even find our way out of Ferrol?

We decided at that point to just trust the markings whether sea shells or arrows and hoped that we would see more indicators to get our barrings if we just kept going. Just Carry On became our walking mantra and in fact is what we want to put on our cemetery plague when the final journey ends. Just Carry On and look for and interpret where you can, the indicators of your life.

Have you ever been through a major change that has required you to look at life in a different way and to interpret your world with fresh eyes and many questions? If so, I would love to hear about it and how you coped with this transitional phase in your life.

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility. The good news is that once you are awake, you can never go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.







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