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Taking a Step – Journey Continues part 4

Taking a Step – Journey Continues part 4

Our last three Journey blogs dealt with parameters, proactive behaviours, and reading and interpret signposts along the way. Today we will just carry on with the next Life Skill which is about Pacing Yourself on your terms and not on someone else’s terms. Life isn’t a competition; it is a personal effort and a personal achievement that we all seek.

As in life, so on the Camino, when confused about the signs, always look for additional information. We started out on this one day and came across a small bridge in Betanzos where the yellow arrow said to go straight ahead, which we stated to do. But, when we crossed the bridge, we only saw what appeared to be the end of the pathway so we turned left to walk up the hill and out of the town. We kept walking and didn’t see any more yellow arrows so we started wondering if where we were headed was correct and looked back to where we started and we saw some other backpackers crossing the street and continuing on to what we had interpreted as a dead end. We had misinterpreted the Way. We were too clever in our interpretation and should have just trusted the yellow arrows. We turned back and found an additional pathway was had not been obvious to us earlier which took us up and out of the town and we were once again on the Way and on the right trail.

Calibrate What is Appropriate for You
Once again we thought at our ages perhaps we had taken on just a bit too much and decided that started to calibrate what we thought we could push ourselves each day to do; we decided that about 4 hours of walking and covering about 16 kilometers a day was a good pace for us. On any journey, you have to decide what your limits are and what you are striving to do. We weren’t in competition with anyone else’s record and we determined for ourselves what was adequate and challenging for us.

Interpreting the way for us was starting to be about looking for places to sit and take rest. We had to ask ourselves how we could pace ourselves so that we weren’t over-extending our energy levels. Taking a break at a bistro for something cold to drink and sitting as long as we wanted to and needed to made sense as we didn’t really have to push so hard, did we? We also started to become more astute on visuals such as other pilgrims and where were they going and how often they sat and rested. We were new to this whole idea of a pilgrimage and thought we could learn something from others along the way. Some pilgrim groups would stop and have a lecture, a chat, take some notes, have a beer. Sometimes we just kept going and other times we just wanted to be by ourselves and find a quiet spot to park and eat our sandwiches.

As in Life, Stay Aware of Your Surroundings
We, for sure, needed water breaks and of course, it helps to find discrete places to relieve yourself and this might not be so comfortable for those who are modest but it is nature and natural so be sure to always have tissue paper and some hand sensitizer. Other things to observe and be aware of would be to look for environmental changes. What are the clouds doing? Where is the sun? How is the breeze changing? On the English Way, especially in the springtime, which is when we took our Walk, the weather changes quickly. It can rain buckets, it can blow hearty winds, it can get too hot in one moment and cool the next so you do need to be prepared to put on and take off layers as the environment changes. I always say in life to have a full and dynamic life, you have to stay awake, be aware, and alert.

There is information always around you, you have to read it and make sense of it and keep yourself both flexible and hardy so that you can be resilient and respond to that information. Tell us about the types of things you do to stay flexible yet hardy? What experience can you share about calibrating your journey in life and what types of information helped you when you thought you may be lost,…


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