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Stepping into the Future – Yoga Chakra…c

Stepping into the Future – Yoga Chakra…continued

Yoga can be thought of as a system. The system looks at the body in a metaphysical way and speaks about centres of consciousness. There are 7 main centres of consciousness or Chakras as they are referred to in Yoga parlance. They consists of the following:


7th: SAHASRARA Location: Crown of head
Color: Magenta
Element: Space Function: Fine intellect Meditative
Clarity Stress
AJNA Location: Forehead
Color: Purple
Element: Energy Function: Consciousness Concentration Poor concentration
Loss of equilibrium
5th: VISHUDDHA Location: Throat
Color: Blue
Element: Ether
Function: Purity Purification of expressions Poor facilitation of breath
ANAHATA Location: Chest
Color: Green
Element: AIR
Function: Understanding; courage; compassion; humility; self-actualization Mixture of outer and inner atmospheres for warmth and calmness Worry
MANIPURA Location: Solar plexus
Color: Yellow
Element: FIRE
Function: Emotional force; willpower Churning of inner refinement processes Irritability
Poor metabolism
Poor digestion
SVADISTHANA Location: Lower abdomen, reproductive
Color: Orange
Element: WATER
Function: Emotional reactions; harmony; affiliation Blending of all elements Martyrdom
Poor circulation
Poor relationships
MULADHARA Location: Coccyx sacral
Color: Red
Element: EARTH
Function: Security; shelter; survival Binding of all elements
Stability Fearfulness
Skeletal-muscular problems

We can see that the Yoga Chakra system provides a good understanding of our processes and that Yoga is more than just a physical system of postures. It is also a spiritual process of self-understanding. It can be seen as a holistic system that provides an understanding of ourselves as part of nature and the cosmos. Using yoga physical poses and practices, however, can provide us with an effective approach to balance our system and the elements that comprise life and help in developing coherence of the mind-body connections.

What do you think about the chakra system and how it can be applied to self-understanding? We would love to hear about your experience with this most ancient system.

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility. The good news is that once you are awake, you can never go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.


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