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Taking a step to a healthier future – Yo

Taking a step to a healthier future – Yoga…continued

Continuing on our theme of Yoga, I wish to build on the information that helps us to contextualize yoga philosophy. Yoga describes two fundamental driving forces to relate our basic human needs to the Chakra energy centers. One force attends to our “being,” or spiritual side, and the other focuses on the “human” or to the relative worldly side. The “being” side is concerned with unconditional love, faith, and the use of prayer and meditation. These approaches tap into a belief system that supports seeing ourselves not just as individuals, but also as individuals connected to the whole universe. The three upper chakras relate to the spiritual side.

The “human” side of ourselves is conditional and bases much of its decision-making processes on the fear instinct and the tension of opposite functions. If there is good, there is also bad. If there is light, there is also darkness. If there is a limited supply, then there is competition. The four lower chakras relate to the human side, and the link between “human” and “being” is through the fourth chakra, Anahata, located at the heart area. In a metaphorical sense, this could be called the “Christ” center, the link between above and below, between heaven and Earth and the expression is clearer when we think of: As above, so below. Or the expression of “I and My Father are One.”

The fourth Chakra is where the tools of forgiveness, peace, and compassion are activated and used to bridge the gap between one human being and another human being. If we are immature, we strive to satisfy our needs at the expense of another human being. If we are mature, we strive to maintain harmony, balance, and constructive connections with others. Bridging the gap between self and others in appropriate ways can provide opportunities for us to learn, grow, and evolve. We realize more than ever that we are totally interconnected and interdependent on each other for life on planet Earth. In society, just as within ourselves, when one part of the system is weak and imbalanced, it throws the whole system off balance. When negative stress is evident in the human system, it manifests as imbalances in one or more parts of the body and affects one or more of the seven chakras, or centers of consciousness.

When we are in the grips of the four lower chakras, we tend to see things from an inherent fear response of “fight or flight.” This response was necessary for our survival when we lived in life-threatening situations.

Although we are now “civilized,” we still often experience perceived danger when we interact with others. This perceived danger triggers our fear response and sends biochemical releases, such as adrenalin, throughout the body. If the energy of these biochemicals builds up without appropriate release, it creates imbalances within us that manifest in weakening and breaking down our system. We may lose sleep, develop ulcers, become angry or impatient with others, get headaches, or develop some other form of expression of imbalance that needs attention. If we do not attend to an imbalance, it will become worse and can lead to serious consequences—even death. It is best if we can become aware of and consciously see a problem and address an imbalance and coach our way back to a balanced state before our health is diminished. Using the Chakra system to identify imbalances, we can work to correct them.

Where do your tensions show up? In the mental side of yourself and you lose a sense of your identity? In the social side of yourself and you find yourself angry and frustrated with others? Or in the physical side of yourself, getting ulcers, indigestion, constipation etc? We would love to hear about your experiences in how stress and tension affect you and what you have found that helps balance these imbalances.

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility….


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