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Taking A Step – Social-Physical – Water

Taking A Step – Social-Physical – Water Postures

Each element within us needs to be enlivened, developed and wisely used for the expressions that help shape life on planet earth. For the wise use of the Water element, the following poses are suggested. These yoga poses will assist the WATER element in reflecting on and enlivening creative impulses for the appropriate expression of emotions. To develop metaphysical awareness in the second energy center, Svadisthana, the following series is useful.

Cobra pose. Resting on your tummy, place your palms flat on the floor directly under the shoulders. Keep your arms and elbows close to the body. Imagine your shoulder blades touch in the back and keep your shoulders down (not lifted toward the ears). Inhale and slide your nose, chin, and chest off the floor using your hands for support. Look up toward the ceiling, thereby stimulating your pituitary and pineal glands. Feel the tension in the back as you tighten your buttocks, keeping your legs straight. Hold the pose until you begin to feel uncomfortable. Exhale and slowly lower your chest, chin, nose, and forehead to the floor. Pause. Repeat three times.

Locust pose. Rest your chin or forehead on the floor and place your fists along the sides of your body close to the groin area. Inhale and lift one leg at a time or both legs at once up toward the ceiling. Keep the top of your hipbone in touch with your arm or floor as much as possible to keep your body from rising off the floor. Hold the pose until you begin to feel uncomfortable. Lower your leg or legs and exhale.

Child’s pose. Hinge the buttocks backward onto your bent knees. Rest your head on the floor with your arms stretched out in front and relax. Feel happy and safe as a child in the womb of the mother. Breathe. Relax for thirty seconds or so.

Images above are from unknown sources.

Because Water is always striving to nurture us, if this expression is over developed in its attempt to nurture everyone, it can get muddied or polluted so it is highly important for any of us who prefer the Water elemental expression of caring for others, to be sure to take care of yourself otherwise you will lose yourself in others. Maintain healthy boundaries and be sure to put yourself in the equation when doing any problem-solving situations. Other people’s agendas don’t have to be yours all the time. Pull in and rest.

Many people who have a Water preference as their orientation in life have to be sure to put themselves in the equation with the giving and receiving equation. Often times, they do the giving and someone else does the receiving. I often say: be sure to put yourself in the equation. What is your experience with the give and take formula? Are you more the giver? If so, how do you feel about that? What could you do differently to set up clearer boundaries and parameters around your time and resources? We would love to hear about your experiences.

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility. The good news is that once you are awake, you can never go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.






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