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The Body as the Messenger. Are you liste

The Body as the Messenger. Are you listening?
By Danielle Gault

Years ago I heard “the brilliant function of pain” can be seen as the messenger that lets us know we are out of balance.
There are a number of ways we can look at health. The most important one is feeling balanced. Balanced is a state of well-being, it is a body without pain, and a spirit full of joy, a mind curious about life, and the flow of energy without blockages. If we don’t have any or all of these present, we will have pain. Pain anywhere — body, mind, spirit tells us we need to pay attention. Pain and tension is the body’s way of letting us know we are imbalanced somewhere – this is the brilliant function of pain striving to capture our attention so we can slow down and address issues that we may be either too busy to address or to fearful to look at. Here are some tips to help pay attention to the messenger:
1. Mental processes — when the mind is unsettled, depressed, flighty, worried, or confused, you know you have an imbalance in this part of yourself. There are a number of tools and techniques to address this part of ourselves. For example, take out a pad and pencil and write down your worries, turn them into stepping stones, act on them. Sit quietly for 10 minutes and close the eyes and focus on your breathing to calm the system down. Develop a period of time to follow a routine — same time to bed, same time up, same time for exercise and meals to feel more settled internally.
2. Social processes – when that part of ourselves that deals with others starts to feel agitated, angry, impatient, frustrated, and restless, we know it is time to pull in and reduce the interactions with others. If you are predominately a social being which is to say that you really need to be around people more than you need to be alone, then go to the spa and have some healing work done — reflexology, facials, body massage for example. Take a yoga class with your friends and stretch the body and do stay for the final resting pose.
3. Physical processes – when the body is tired, lethargic, and dull, it is time to address why you are being too stretched out with projects, time lines, and having too many demands on your life. You may not be focusing on your body enough in which case, be sure to get your exercise, drink plenty of good water, eat those veggies and fruits and get to bed early without watching TV or without checking those last minute emails. They will be there in the morning.
4. Spiritual processes – when you start to wonder if it is all worth it then you know you’re out of touch with the spark of life. Prayer, meditation, walks in a natural setting, sitting by water — anything that takes you out of the mechanical patterns of having and doing rather than being is what’s needed now. We can always busy ourselves, what we can’t always do is stop the merry go around — at least we think we can’t. But do — to create balance in your life, you must take care of all parts of yourself so find some way to build in a gap — a space of time without busy-ness.
Listening to those parts of the body or mind that are striving for your attention will ensure that you maintain a balanced state of well-being, a body without pain, a spirit full of joy, and a mind curious about life. If the flow of energy in your system has blockages which creates pain or tension, this is the system’s way of capturing our attention so that we can slow down and address issues that need to be addressed. Pain is the messenger — are you listening?
Question – have you ever noticed the connection between your thoughts and some imbalance that happens in your body? For example, if you are pissed off at someone, have you started to experience urinary tract infections? If your ego has been bruised, did you get a headache? Pay attention to the mind-body connections and ask yourself when you have a body upset, what preceded it. Often a stress-reaction to an event or person in our lives will be…


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