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Setting and Acting On Goals

Setting and Acting On Goals …..

As responsible adults, we are often required to upgrade some skills. Whether in the workplace or in our personal life, it helps to have a clear goal and some steps to follow. When thinking about a goal, it also helps to think about your constraints. Many people are short of funds and short of time. How do you work around this? That would be the first question to pose to the mind when considering yet another thing to do in your life? Here is a sample worksheet to help you sort out how to think about and implement a goal.

What kinds of tools have you used that have helped you? One thing to consider is the Urgent/Important question. Is this goal urgent and important and if so, then get on with it. If it is urgent but not important (such Dancing With the Stars starts in five minutes, sort of thing, which is urgent but definitely not important) then set it aside. If it is important but not urgent, build some actions into your schedule so that you can at least get started to focus on it when you have a few minutes; because sooner or later, it will move to the Urgent AND Important. It is best to be proactive in life. That helps reduce the stress and strain on us.


Goal: Enhance my public-speaking skills and improve my comfort level in front of an audience
as noted by my supervisor during my August 1st performance review.
Steps Actions Constraints Resources Progress Action Date
Step 1

  • Identify public-speaking courses Check internal classes.
  • Check online courses.
  • Check local colleges.
  • Limited funds -Employer-paid
  • -Ask parents
  • -Save more $$ Offer to take class and show boss results in hopes of getting reimbursed if I do OK. 09/01/xx

Step 2

  • Select class Discuss classes with boss. Class not available at work Offer to find a class and organize it. Make some calls and get some numbers and references.

Step 3

  • Enroll in class.
  • Call registration office.

Step 4

  • Attend class
  • Work around household chores. Find a ride to ensure car is available for spouse.

Step 5

  • Finish the class with a “B” grade or higher Build in study time. Get up early before others are up.
  • Use the local library to get peace and quiet and additional books.

Step 6

  • Join Toastmasters Find one close to work or home. Time Research groups. Find one compatible for me.

Step 7

  • Volunteer for presentations at work. Discuss with boss. Preparation time. Books, online services, teams, others.



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