Posted by: wellness training services | August 31, 2012

Taking A Step – How do I get started in the coaching field? Question 3.

Wellness Training Services

Taking A Step – How do I get started in the coaching field?

When asked to answer the following questions to help in developing her business, the coach-in-training asked her third question.


Question 3:

How long, time-wise are your sessions with the client?  This is totally based on the client’s needs and on the agreements we set up with each other at the beginning of our work.  Each session, if on the healing arts side, is typically an hour after the initial session which generally takes longer and could be up to two hours. Each session can be longer or shorter based on schedules, online, or face-to-face. You have to try things out and see what works and you have to be able to adapt to each situation; but this flexibility in dealing with clients will come over time and experience. If their needs change while in the agreement, we re-negotiate the terms of agreement.  It is totally flexible and client-centre driven.

Have you found that flexibility is important for you when dealing with clients whether it is in the  coaching field, some other healing modality, or mentoring?

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility.  The good news is that once you are awake, it’s hard to go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.









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