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Wellness Training Update – September

Dear Coaches: 

I hope you have enjoyed the month of August and the wonderful summer days.  Here are some coaching thoughts to keep us all inspired as we enjoy the dynamism of life. Just a note, I have had trouble with my other email server and now have a new email address that I hope is more stable.  If you could, please delete email from your data base.  I will continue with as well as this new one.  Life gets complicated with technology.

In life we all wish to have greater compassion and affection with others, joy beyond our wildest expectations, success in our businesses and what we strive to share with others, and more creativity in our lives so that we stay inspired and continue to work towards our dreams and goals.  Dag Hammarskjold says: For all that has been – thanks. For all that will be – yes.”

We just have to say ‘yes’ to life and to the wonderful gifts it brings us and to the wonderful challenges it asks us to face.  That is why a coaching course such as ours can be so valuable; not because it is a course I put together but because it provides us with the opportunity to stop and reflect and focus.We all want the same things in life – to be healthy, wealthy, and wise and to share who we are with others.  For many of us, we just can’t clarify what it is that is at our central core that is pushing us forward, creating within us ‘divine discontent’ and that is asking us to declare who we are and how we can bring our gifts forward in the Relative/Physical world of planet Earth.

To take the time to focus is a rare gift to ourselves  – if you know someone who is struggling to sort something out in their lives, and you feel that they can benefit from this course which is so reasonably priced at $800 for doing personal work in Part I (this can be done by itself and is independent now of the professional coach process) and for an additional $500, they can join in and take the Part II which provides them with the 8-month professional coaching certification process, please pass the word.  As mentioned for anyone who registers for the coaching course that you refer, I send you a $100 ‘thank you’ once they have paid and attended. I so believe in the concept of reciprocity so it is my great pleasure to recognize any support you can give me.

The next course dates are November 12-14 held at the Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport right
after the Reflexology Association of Canada’s conference where I will be one of their workshop leaders providing the Yoga, Jung, and Reflexology workshop which is one of my favourite workshops to give and is the same one I did this past May for the New Zealand Reflexology Conference.

Right after that is the Ananda Ashram course on December 14-17 in Monroe, New York in the Catskills.  The only expense for you to repeat the workshop is the price of the accommodation which I believe is approximately $450 and includes your meals, some yoga classes as well as providing you with the opportunity to repeat the course as a bit of a retreat for yourself.

As you know, as a participant in this course, you are most welcome to repeat any coaching course for free whenever we are holding them and we would welcome your presence whenever it feels right to
come back.  Each year it is a great idea to return (at least for the Part I) and re-look at your life plans which we cover in Part I and you don’t have to stay for the Part II where we look at the Professional Coach Certification and the topics of Trust, Communication Skills, Forms, etc.unless you feel like it. So the course has changed in how it unfolds in order to make the components clearer to understand and
implement for the new coaches.
Remember to stay awake, aware and alert to what life is striving to teach us and in doing this, we can be
proactive and be clear on our intentions and then chose conscious motivators to help us move toward our chosen path. The funny thing that Yoga Philosophy can teach us, which came as a great insight for me, is that we can use the Rational Relative Mind — which is logical and deals with the Relative world — to serve us to seek the highest possible expression in life — the Super Mental Self — which deals with Spirituality and is abstract and unseen. But first we have to be alert to what life is striving to get us to attend to.  We know that life is poking at us when we feel the tension within coming from the Relative world that causes us to reflect from our inner world. Once we are alerted that something needs to be changed, we can step back and choose to create something higher and more supreme for ourselves – to go beyond the Relative Mind but to use the Relative Mind as a servant for a better life rather than as a Reactor to life which draws on our reactive, instincts. Instincts are a necessary gift from nature but not necessarily the best response if we wish to create peace and joy in our lives. Isn’t it wonderful to have all these tools and insights to help us stay balanced with what life throws at us?  We are all here to serve the world in the best possible way that we can. To be able to share our gifts and strengths is a wonderfully creative expression of life.

Deepak Chopra says: “In the very moment, the seeds of a perfect destiny lie dormant within you. When you release their potential, you can manifest a life more wonderful than any dream.”

Well, that is my update and I would love to hear from you on how things are going at your end and if I can be of any assistance in any way, please let me know. Tons of loving thoughts flow
your way from my computer to yours…..Danielle

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 Here is your Reflection #6 for the March Coaching Group – enjoy.


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