Posted by: wellness training services | September 11, 2012

Thinking about your business: Part 2


Think about yourself as a professional business person in the natural healing arts.

  1.  What are the top three customer objectives to buying your product/service?
  2. How does your pricing compare to your competitors?  Elaborate on the comparison, the rationale, and the benefits.
  3. Will you make special offers?  If so, what would they be?
  4. What plans do you have for advertising and promotions?
  5. What data sheets, brochures, diagrams, sketches, photographs, related press releases, or other documentation about your product or service do you currently have? Is there someone you can share these with and get some feedback from them?  If so, who would that be?
  6. What thoughts do you have for financing the growth of your business?

Capture any additional thoughts before we leave this blog.

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility.  The good news is that once you are awake, it’s hard to go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.






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