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How you see yourself – how you see your strengths – your market base: Part 1


Understanding yourself in any given business exchange process provides an objective awareness of what your needs are in your profession and how you can use your strengths (and minimize your blind-spots) for growing your business.

Self-awareness increases your ability to deal effectively with every situation and especially with difficult situations where the stakes are high — such as business exchanges with customers.  It is useful to know that what can be a difficult situation to one person can be a highly stimulating and even relaxing experience to someone else.  Let’s take a look at people differences in order to increase our business skills and strategies.

Sign your signature on the top line with the hand that you generally write with.  Then on the bottom line, sign your signature with the opposite hand – the one you don’t generally write with.


What you will notice is that you can write with both hands but you prefer one over the other.  Because that natural preference is there, you used that hand more often and therefore developed that capability.  It is easier, more efficient and generally more readable.  You can do both, however, and this is the point of the exercise.

Preferences are natural and they are inherent in us. The least developed hand is immature in its utility, takes more energy to concentrate on performing a simple task, and is often child-like in its expression.   But remember, you can do both but prefer the one to the other.

This idea is the same in how we go about living our lives and running our businesses.  Some of us prefer a more structured approach and some of us like to go with the flow.            Which one is more like you?

STRUCTURED – are you more:

Planned, orderly, organized, clear definitions and limits, controlled, regulated, structured, completing tasks on time, preferring established rules and structures, planning thoroughly.

Or, do you prefer:

UNSTRUCTURED – are you more:

Spontaneous, flexible, unstructured, messy, go-with-the-flow, unplanned often appearing disorderly, without limits, usually last minute rush to complete things, adapting the rules to fit the situation.

This exercise reflects your orientation to the outside world and refers to the lifestyle or business set up that you adopt.


  • Personality dynamics is a self-descriptive measure of one’s own lifestyle and awareness preferences based on Dr. Carl Gustave Jung’s theory of psychological types (1921).
  • The self-awareness assessment tool can provide you with a better idea of your strengths as well as your blind spots when managing your business.
  • The tool looks at four awarenesses of preferred foci. The awareness that you identify as most like you is called a personality preferences profile.

Please understand that this assessment needs to be treated with skepticism and that the assessment is a tool which:

  • Describes preferences not skills or abilities
  • Says that all preferences are equally important
  • Describes rather than prescribes
  • Focuses on strengths and “gifts” of each profile type


Seeing our business as a whole system, we can understand that each link in the system makes the system more effective as a whole.  Each component of your business is connected to

the whole when making business transactions and exchanges.  These exchanges allow your business to evolve and to meet the demands and pressures facing it both in the present as well as in the future.

We begin our journey by reviewing people differences through preferences.  Preferences are a part of an individual’s system and are comprised of how we think, feel, and act.  Preferences help us develop our mental software that can be defined as a blueprint outlining our tendencies.  What preference is most like you? Clarifying these tendencies helps us to understand our behaviours and our outcomes.  We have the choice to follow these tendencies or to oppose or modify them.  But, living in tune with our own system is what promotes healthier life-long habits, reduces stress, and increases tolerance of others.  Think of yourself and your business as a wholistic system consisting of an equal-lateral triangle composed of:

The whole system at work.



  • A mental side – Ideas, Objective, Overview, Systems, Expectations, Infinite
  • A social side – Actions, Reactions, Connections, Coordination, Cooperation, Communication
  • A physical side – Manifestation Concrete, Detailed, Tangible, Parameters, Finite, Feedback

Each side of this triangle is of equal importance and when one side is affected, the whole system is affected.

Although we all think (Mental awareness), feel (Social awareness), and do (Physical awareness), we use these awarenesses in different proportions attempting to develop our strengths by staying in our most preferred awareness the longest.  When we use our preferred awareness often, we develop that awareness and it becomes easily accessible to us.

Which preference is most like you?  Designed to assist you in developing a congruent business relations style that best supports your natural tendencies, marshals your talents, as well as increases your opportunity to effectively share them with others, is what personal preferences is about.

Being aware of and developing all of your functions, i.e., turning the dial up on those tendencies that are least preferred by you, can increase your tolerance and capacity for interacting with others.

These awarenesses or preferences can be thought of as the four basic elements that make up our planet – air, fire, water, and earth and can be defined as follows:

THE MENTAL AWARENESS — AIR — OPERATES AS THE DREAMER in us: The AIR part of us is what carries us through when times get tough. The AIR provides us with our life’s purpose or our dream in life of what life means to us.  Even when we feel that life is a bit rough, the AIR element can lift us up and pull us through. As the objective part of ourselves, our mental awareness receives intuitive information that we then analytically and logically attempt to organize.  This part of our awareness sees the overview, general structures and establishes our values.

THE SOCIAL AWARENESS — FIRE — OPERATES AS THE REALIST in us: The FIRE part of us actively connects ideas with resources to work through obstacles and overcome the barriers to our dreams. Through an interactive process working through obstacles becomes easier, thereby, ensuring and supporting our ongoing dream achievement as we build our self-confidence along the way.  As the social-mental objective part of ourselves, this social awareness keeps us motivated by striving to connect the ideas to people and things through actions.

Stay tuned tomorrow for PART 2


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