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A Testimonial from one of our coaching students.

Taking A Step – A Testimonial from one of our coaching students.

Looking back at the Wholistic Life Coach Training:

It was the first weekend of November, and it was an awesome Life Coaching weekend!  Thanks to Danielle Gault and Diana O’Reilly who had offered me a great and affordable opportunity to expand my own business, Creating Being Well.

How I Started My Canadian Journey

In May 2005 I immigrated from The Netherlands to Canada, landed deep in the bush about two and a half hours north of Toronto. I had no car, no bus, and no neighbours close by but I had lots of forest for great inspiration.
I took the Personal Support Worker course in 2006 and after becoming a Permanent Resident, I easily found a job in the Healthcare field in Parry Sound, Ontario.  Settling in my new country and adjusting to new habits and regulations have been a challenging and deeply moving process so far in all areas: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  I couldn’t have done it alone; I chose great coaches to support and guide me and I moved forward quickly and always with a positive state of mind.

I had studied Reflexology in Holland and enjoyed it, and through community networking I heard about the Reflexology Association of Canada.  I took the training with Alana Hewitt in Barrie, became an RCRT and opened my own business in May 2009. With my passion for healing and supporting others, I am often told that I’m a great inspiration and people often wonder how I manage and have the courage to develop in my life.
The Next Step

As I said… you have to do it yourself and you can’t do it alone — you do have to do the work!  When the first email about the Wholistic Life Coach Training landed in my inbox, I was ready to do more work on myself and take the next step!  After 3 days in the class room with Danielle as a passionate instructor with lots of great processes and providing us with high value content, I felt deeply grateful for the experience of various emotions which has helped me explore and grow every day and make beautiful inner connections.  I am grateful for this opportunity that I took and hope I can speak for the whole group by saying that we are all proud of ourselves that we took action because that’s how life helps to move us forward!

The Coaching Experience

The ongoing support that is offered throughout our training is very much appreciated and with all the new learned skills we are using, such as focused coaching processes, communication tools, tracking tools, peer coaching, and monthly reflective assignments, we are developing our coaching professionalism and are now able to add more value to our Business, our clients and our own lives!

Danielle and Diana said that the time for serving others and making this a better planet while developing ourselves and our business is right now.  As health care professionals who want to make this a better planet and who enjoy helping others become more of who they are, adding a Life Coach service to your business is beneficial for yourself, for your clients, and for the world in general.  It is true; the process is working already and on behalf of all of us in my group, I wish to thank you, Danielle & Diana, for being a part of our wonderful journey and enlivening our personal growth!

Find out more about Saskia’s work by going to:

Saskia Jennings Holistic Life Coach& Intuitive Healer

I help you to free yourself from overwhelm & anxiety
so you too embrace every day with confidence and peace of mind! 


Seguin, ON, Canada

Tel: 705 375 2223 |
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Creator of the Transformational & International Coaching Program
for Women 40+: “Transform your Midlife Crisis into Midlife BLISS!”

Saskia is Radio Talk Show Owner, Host and Producer of:
Your Challenge to Succeed Radio, Talk Radio for Women,

every Monday 1 pm/7 pm est via: 

‘It’s the #1 Radio Show where I teach YOU how to treat every challenge as a gift!”

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We are so proud of Saskia and all that she has achieved and are honoured to part of her journey. Warmly, Danielle

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility.  The good news is that once you are awake, it’s hard to go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.





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