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Elemental Personality Theory – Part 6: The earth element cont.

Elemental Personality Theory – Part 6: The earth element cont.


The solid and stable energy of the EARTH element ensures the production of our wealth and our sense of security. Wealth and security are vital to a peaceful and happy life. EARTH people are methodical, thrifty, and practical. They responsibly use grounded energy in their slow and steady progress to acquire stability and security. When balanced, work and leisure go hand in hand. Mature EARTH people respect and value the material world by appreciating the need for conservation and the wise use of resources. They hold a deep concern for the welfare of the community and the planet.

This completes the system of elements and their use—nature’s gift to us:

We need self-awareness, objective frameworks for processing our information, and understanding of our actions and their impact on our lives. And we need to feel balanced and enjoy life—something that only we can achieve for ourselves. We require hardiness and flexibility, and we need to be resilient: Life is a gift, but it also is a challenge—this is how we grow!

An important thing to remember is that desires are always present. These desires, like nature itself, always seek manifestation. Be sure to desire positive, creative, and productive things. Do not do things to “not die;” do things to enjoy living—as a by-product, you will not die.

Analyze stressful situations and find alternative approaches, goals, or strategies once you are more aware of how these situations are affecting you. Become a learner of life and continuously ask what you can learn from every situation. Life is the meaningful co-existence of opposite values. We cannot know one value without experiencing the opposite. A person blind from birth cannot know what darkness is because they have never known light.

According to Dr. Carl Jung, the father of personality typology, the tension of opposites is the very essence of life itself. Without tension, there would be no energy and consequently no personality distinctions—we would all be the same! We cannot appreciate happiness without experiencing unhappiness. We cannot appreciate safety without understanding and knowing about fear. Even with fear comes information. The bottom line is that we cannot understand ourselves without bumping up against the differences in how others think, feel, and do things. This is how we grow. This is how we temper our skills in life. Through life itself, we can become stronger with every interaction. This makes life very dynamic and very exciting: Everything that happens is really only feedback. And what we do with this feedback is strictly up to us!

It is our choice to use tension to create either growth and integration or shattering and disintegration in our lives. The challenge is to use our minds to constantly bring ourselves back to the union of opposites, back into balance. We will always and forever be pulled in many directions as our desires strive to be manifested—this is simply the nature of life.

We all wish for a life that is full of creative and productive results that stimulate internal joy, happiness, and well-being for ourselves. When we achieve balance, internal joy, and feelings of happiness for ourselves, others will naturally be touched and benefit.

Develop self-awareness, stay positive, maintain yourself as the locus of control in your life, and take care of yourself along the way. In so doing, you will be amazed at how situations around you improve!

The aim of life is to consciously apply life’s forces within us—the forces that can be represented by the four elements of AIR, FIRE, WATER, and EARTH, which strive to be expressed maturely to satisfy our needs and desires—to integrate and yoke the mind, body, and spirit together with the two forces of the invisible and the visible.

Desires are natural and healthy, but how we go about satisfying them is a question we must ask ourselves: We are interdependent with one another, and we together must take care of the entire planet if we individually wish to survive.

Apply wisely your four elements of AIR, FIRE, WATER, and EARTH—tools to develop and express maturely within the “human,” or relative, world while tapping into and drawing on the qualities of love and truth within the “being” of the spiritual world; tools to create a world worth living and enjoy the greatest gift of all: life itself.


Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility.  The good news is that once you are awake, it’s hard to go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.







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