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Elemental Personality Theory – Part 7: The fire element

Elemental Personality Theory – Part 7: The fire element

The FIRE element is action-oriented. Following is an example of a self-expression by a FIRE-preferred person we will call “Janet” in response to a question during her coaching to gain greater self-awareness.


When striving to change our habits and patterns, we need to identify and set goals that are determined by and supportive of our life’s mission and purpose. It is not just about getting things done; more importantly, it is about using a systematic approach to understand the natural parameters around us and to make step-by-step plans with assigned criteria and timelines for monitoring results to reach our goals. This will help FIRE to resist its “shoot-from-the-hip” approach, its first and automatic response for doing things.

To tap into a more spiritual expression of who you are, ask yourself: “Does this goal support my life’s purpose and direction? What are the consequences of my actions on others?”

As you move from the idea of a goal to the process of achieving the goal, you can maintain your focus and feel in control of your process by defining anything that may be getting in your way. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is happening now?”
  • How often does this happen?
  • When does this tend to happen?
  • What are the effects?

The greater the degree to which you understand your process and analyze your journey along the way, the greater the degree to which you can take ownership of and responsibility for solving problems—closing the gap between your current reality and your future goal or dream.

When applying the holistic framework to identify my own goal at the beginning of the year, I was surprised to find that my spiritual side had the lowest score. (This was especially surprising as I was attending a meditation retreat when I rated myself on my mental, social, physical, and spiritual sides.) Once I became aware that something was lacking in my life—a clear purpose for my age and stage in life—I continued to flush out the problem by asking myself questions. These questions led me to greater clarity and my problem statement became: I like to travel and I am not traveling.

So, it then became more obvious to me that I needed to focus my goal on a desired future state to increase my level of spiritual satisfaction—close the gap between the current reality of thinking of myself as a traveler and that I am not traveling. Now, the future outcome of being a traveler can pull me toward my vision, or goal, and energize me, thus boosting my spiritual rating.

Continuing to flush out my future state, I also realized that I not only needed to be a traveler, but that I needed to share my wisdom, knowledge, and skills with others. Because of my age, I knew I needed to take a bigger step and not waste any more time in getting my information out into the world. What was I waiting for anyway?

To keep yourself focused and help you to do more analysis, you can use DADS:

D – Define the present state and the desired state.

A – Analyze the problem (the gap between the two states).

D – Determine where and/or how the problem originated.

S – State and restate the problem so you become very clear about what it is you want to coach yourself to move toward.

In this way, we build in a rational approach by analyzing ourselves and circumstances rather than letting our instincts run our activities in life. This is intelligent intuition, where intuition provides answers, but before actions are incorporated, benefits and consequences are reviewed.

For FIRE people, one obstacle on the social-mental side can be that they scatter their efforts, often change directions, and act as if there is only today. By operating in this fashion, they can easily get bowled over by the moment. Another obstacle can be that as they push outward to accomplish things, they often forget about the necessary counterbalance activities of rest and repair. In nature, there is both an inward flow and an outward flow. We cannot keep flowing outward without an inward flow and not expect some imbalance to show up in us.


When FIRE is maturely developed, its dynamic and fiery energy of intuition descends like autumn leaves from a tree, dropping sparks of inspiration. The gift of the FIRE element is the vigilant ever-ready actions of the warrior in enlisting the aid of others to bring ideas forward out of the realm of concepts.

When appropriate expression of FIRE’s will is used to dispense original approaches to problems, insights come as easily as breathing air. Leading others is conveyed through expressive vitality. Trusting the flow of intuition is used in a conscious approach for illuminating the world and achieving spiritual success.

Step 1. AIR: “Who am I?”

Step 2. FIRE: “What should I do?”

Step 3. WATER: “Who and/or what else is involved and how am I feeling about all this?”

“If I change the way I do things, how will it affect others? How will I deal with a change that alters the way I’ve done things in the past?”

We have to be prepared to change the system that we have lived in the past, and this requires both effort and foresight to prepare us to deal with how we may undermine or sabotage ourselves along the way.

Stay awake, aware, and alert and strive to lead a well-tempered life – a life that possesses both hardiness and flexibility.  The good news is that once you are awake, it’s hard to go to sleep again, but if you do, do it on purpose and prepare yourself for the consequences.







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