Posted by: wellness training services | October 29, 2012

7 Things You Can Do to Make Life Changes – Understanding the biggest obstacle to change


How many times have you wanted to change something in your life and somehow didn’t follow through? Change doesn’t come easily to us.  Many of us think of change as a scary thing; something to be avoided.  Why? Because change requires us to let go of what we’re familiar with and asks us to learn to do things differently. Doing things differently takes energy and commitment.  Along the way, we lose enthusiasm for this change process and drift back to our standard way of operating.  It is just easier.  How can we change?  What is the biggest obstacle to changing something?  What do we need in order to change?  Let’s take a look at change and some processes for changing.

ImageThink about learning a new language.  What’s in the way — habit and the old language?  We don’t go to change without something in our minds that blocks us from being innocent and pure when learning something new.  What is the biggest obstacle to change is the old way of doing things; the old way of understanding something.  Major life changes come to people often after a life crisis.  When a life crisis happens and their life has changed because of some outside force that propels them forward, they have no choice but to learn how to deal with the new way of doing things.

But to change just for the pure desire to want to change something, something minor, such as to lose a few pounds or to reduce wine intake, that requires some deep and lasting motivation.  Why change something minor if there isn’t a major reason to change? Habit and the old of doing things get in the way with every moment of the day that requires us to decide about the change process.  Every moment provides temptation and this can wear us down and diminish our motivation.  If health became the issue, or if someone had a heart attack that forced the change, then the benefit to change a habit would far outweigh the lack of conviction to sustain that change.  Change or die would be the motivation.

How do we motivate ourselves to do those small changes when the reasons for these changes are not big enough to maintain the desire and commitment along the way? Firstly, understand that small changes often lack long-term motivation and accept that. Then work from a more short-term focus in order to build in some feelings of success immediately.  This will assist you in the beginning stages which may help carry you along the way into a longer timeline.


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