Posted by: wellness training services | October 30, 2012

7 Things You Can Do to Make Life Changes – Wrap it up


ImageAnother problem in setting goals for many people is that they don’t wrap up a goal which leads to a sense of failure.  Be sure to wrap up your goal processes by declaring that this goal was either achieved or reframed or found to be not to your true desires.  Take responsibility for that part of your life and ensure that you feel successful about everything you do.  If that goal was not achieved then it is because you may have felt that in reality, it was not what you really wanted for yourself so now you have learned something about yourself.  There is no failure, really, just feedback.  So, use the feedback that you’ve learned about yourself to clarify what you learned, how you can apply it in the future, and then proceed accordingly.


For those who are more structured and organized, one of the things they often learn about themselves is that they take themselves too seriously and can get hooked on responsibility and structure.  They may find it more difficult to relax or to let go of a goal that isn’t truly working for them.  They need to ease up a bit.  For those who find it difficult to stay with a structure approach to doing things, they need to use a bit more discipline in their lives in order to move forward and not let their whims dictate what they get out of life.  We require both: some structure as well as some spontaneity but we need to learn how to work with both as these two factors will always push and pull us in one direction over the other.  Self understanding is the cornerstone to a happier, successful and more productive life.

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