Posted by: wellness training services | November 1, 2012

7 Things You Can Do to Make Life Changes – Understand personality preferences & how they influence the change process


There is this part of us that wants stability, structure, and routine and that part of us that wants variety, openness, and spontaneity.  Some of us are drawn more to stability and structure than others.  For those people who prefer the structured way of living, who want things planned, organized and orderly, change processes come more easily.  To those people who prefer things to be more open, go-with-the-flow, unplanned and spontaneous, change processes are more difficult, more burdensome, and more difficult to sustain.  What can we do when our personality tendencies get in the way of changing something minor in our lives?

We can understand those parts of our nature and build in some factors to help cope with them.  Suggestions for the go-with-the-flow people are to make things more entertaining, to build in ‘out-of-commitment’ processes, to find others to  support them more and to pat themselves on the back or to make a game of out of it. But, more importantly, the more spontaneous people truly need to put a short time frame on the change process commitment.  Decide how long you will attempt to make this change and then get the support you need to follow through. Make it a short-term commitment and accept your nature and do a ‘work-around’ strategy by not making it a ‘forever’ time line – say 30 days and then build from that.  Small chunk the goal and build in success factors as success breeds success







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