Posted by: wellness training services | November 5, 2012

Yoga while at the computer: Steps 1-3


By Danielle Gault

OK, not everyone gets to sit at their computer in New Zealand close to the ocean but sitting is sitting. So to counteract all that sitting at the computer which makes our mental function feel good about accomplishing cognitive stuff, we still have to take care of the poor old body – the physical function. Doing a few stretches can go a long way to keeping the body flexible, keeping the circulation moving, and keeping the mind from getting overtaxed with too much data.

Here are a few stretches to keep your body from stagnating while working at your computer. We will start with the head and work towards the feet. Take your tim
e and follow your own rhythm. What I have here are simple guidelines but only do what is comfortable for you; if it does not feel right, do not do it.

1. Head 1: Let’s begin by coming to an exhalation and while exhaling, lower your chin toward the chest. Follow this with an inhalation while lifting the chin upward. Repeat this movement 3 times. Return the chin back to its normal position parallel with the floor.

2. Head 2: Next, exhale and turn your head slowly to the left. Inhale again and then exhale once again while turning your head slowly toward the right. Use the breath to create your movements and rhythms. Complete this movement 3 times.

3. Shoulders: Inhale and lift the shoulders up to the ear lobes. Hold the breath for a count of 5, exhale and drop the shoulders. Repeat 3 times.

Steps 4-6


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