Posted by: wellness training services | November 6, 2012

Yoga while at the computer Steps 4-6


4. Arms 1: Inhale and raise the right wrist

upwards towards the ceiling – let it just

float up and once it is as high as it wants

to go, open the fingers and palms and

reach up from the shoulder joint. Hold for a

count of 5 and slowly lower the wrist back

to the computer table. Repeat on the other



5. Arms 2: Exhale as you grab your left

shoulder with your right hand. Next, with

your left hand, press your right elbow into

your chest. Hold to a count of 5 and inhale

release. Repeat on the opposite side.


6. Torso Twist: Exhaling while you turn the

upper half of your body towards the right to

look behind you. You can create more of a

stretch by either placing your left hand on

your right knee or placing the left hand

over the right-hand top of your chair while

twisting the torso to the right and looking

over your right shoulder. Hold for 5

seconds. Inhale, release. Repeat on the

opposite side.

Steps 7-10



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