Posted by: wellness training services | January 24, 2013

Danielle’s message on Saturday’s radio interview with Steve

Dear folks:  Please check out Danielle’s message on Saturday’s radio interview with Steve starting at 5 p.m. EST 


Become Your Own Sage – tools to ensure that your life doesn’t get out of balance.  Striving to stay balanced in an imperfect world, Danielle Gault will share her thoughts by discussing with us the following: 

1. Describe a framework for increasing our self awareness – addressing the Mental Focus
2. Provide suggestions for conscious communication — addressing the Social Focus
3. Discuss the healing arts of yoga and reflexology of the hands, feet and ears — addressing the Physical Focus

Don’t sacrifice your health and well-being in a chronic attempt to keep your head above water and get out of balance with yourself.  In this very stressful world that we live in, maintaining personal and professional balance is absolutely essential for maintaining your health and well-being.   


Please note:

If you know of people in Denver, please let them know to watch the show on the Internet or on Cable.  You can also engage with the show on Facebook to Like our fan page, leave us comments or questions.  We will respond to at least two questions on the show and join our Free Membership site for support 

Here are some important links and Info for the show:

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Thanks, Coach Steve Toth

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