Posted by: wellness training services | March 15, 2013

Find your critical path

When making a life or business decision, you have a 50-50 chance of it
being a good decision. Once you do your due diligence through research and
analyzing the collected data, the only other way you can know if you made 
a good decision is the results that it brings.

To find your critical path in business as in life, after the due diligence process,  
you truly find that path only through trial and error, making mistakes and 
recalibration along the decision along the way. 

My 5-year dream, which I created 2 years ago is as follows:  

For the next 5 years, I will travel around the world sharing what I know with others
without going into debt.

I am always calibrating and asking what else do I need to do to refine the
Goal/Dream that I created.  I recalibrate now based using as my backdrop 
my age/stage/phase in my life. I’m not a spring chicken and the dislocation of 
the travels often means that I do this at the expense of healthy habits such as 
exercise and then of course, sleep patterns are disturbed when coming and going so much.
The sleep disturbances can tire the body and dull the mind. So the question becomes:
How much travel can I do without getting run down and weakening my system?  
Now I have to recalibrate and perhaps refine my Goal/Dream.  
I already put in the constraint of ‘not going into debt’ but now I might also want to 
put in another constraint which would be for me at this time in my life, to live this Dream
and fulfill this goal but ‘not at the expense of health’.  At my 
age/stage/phase, health and wealth are critical factors to assist me in
clarifying what I do in life primarily because we don’t have a long lead
time to recover should we lose our health or our wealth.

I always say that we are constantly negotiating with our health and the
push and pull of getting the right mix of activities and rest is an
ongoing challenge.

What is your challenge in living your dream?  Would love to hear from you.

Cheers, Danielle & Bill


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