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Coaching: Motivation and strengths


When clients turn to you for help with their careers, job performance, or personal growth, their motivating factor is change—the need for change is key to why they contact you.

Gaining advanced knowledge in how various MBTI® types prefer to be coached gives you a greater opportunity to help each client manifest intentional change in all aspects of their life.

CAPT’s has two classes that give you a proven approach to working with clients of all styles and personalities:

Using Type in Coaching puts the coaching focus where it belongs: on the client. This class will help you find the right keys for unlocking every client’s potential as you evaluate individual needs and assess skills and interests. This program delivers all you need to know for designing and implementing a successful coaching program.

Using Type in Coaching
May 17, 2013 • Fairfax, VA
$299 (GSA Federal $271)
7 CE Credits for HRCI and the
MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program

MBTI® Step II™ and Coaching uses the Step II instrument to provide a robust foundation for determining strengths and challenges, and making use of the “out of preference” facets with clients. Learn how the Step II instrument provides essential resources for a coaching session in this one-day session delivered by Jean Kummerow, MBTI expert and coauthor of Understanding Your MBTI® Step II™ Results.

MBTI® Step II™ and Coaching
May 17, 2013 • Minneapolis, MN
$299 (GSA Federal $271)
7 CE Credits for HRCI, NBCC, and the
MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program

Great coaches act as partners and champions. Expand your ability to do that for your clients by attending either of these highly effective workshops.

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