Books by Danielle

Natural To My Soul

by Danielle Gault

Healing Arts BooksNatural To My Soul is written for the seeker as a self-discovery guide, a holistic self-help approach using alternative healing methods and metaphysical, inspirational insights for spiritual health. The book provides a comprehensive yet practical framework for understanding and working with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth that comprise life and that make up our personal soul psychological preferences.

What makes this book unique?

The framework in Natural To My Soul takes the complication out of the spiritual seeker’s quest for self-understanding and development. By using our God-given functions, the seeker learns what is natural to their soul by recognizing their preferred strengths for integrating the mental, social, physical, and spiritual worlds within themselves.

Major points of value about this book:

  • Gain understanding of personal soul psychology.
  • Understand that repeated struggles are designed to increase awareness of the correct use of energy.
  • Use insights and mental exercises for systematic self-development.
  • Use Yoga postures for promoting healthier flows of energy.
  • Use personal soul psychology to develop your gifts in meaningful ways.
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic knowledge has grown in interest for spiritual development, self-development, self-improvement, spiritual sciences, and alternative healing. This interest is demonstrated in Madonna’s movies and recordings. Other movie stars such as Woody Harrelson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Racquel Welch, Courtney Love, and Ricky Martin have turned toward the benefits of yoga. Many people are flocking to yoga classes searching for peace and happiness. This book is for yoga students, spiritual seekers, and for those people who pick up every self-help book on understanding themselves.

This book is for you if you are interested in:

  • Practical yoga psycho-physical insights,
  • How to develop spiritual meaning in everyday life,
  • Answers to questions on health and wholeness,
  • Inspiration for the spirit while developing the practical side of life, or The feeling of being complete and whole and accepting yourself and your gifts.


By providing tools and insights for orderly growth and development, Danielle connects hidden mysteries of life through a systematic approach for integrating the material, mental and spiritual worlds. Starting with the basic elements, I show how you can work systematically with your natural interests. Through understanding personality preferences, personal struggles, chakras, and yoga postures, seekers move toward holism, healing, and health.

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A practical guide to stress relief and balance

by Danielle Gault

The Well-Tempered Life

Danielle brings together a variety of disciplines into a comprehensive system to re-establish mind-body balance, improve health and boost well-being.

Tempered: possessing both the hardiness and the flexibility needed to be resilient.

The Well-Tempered Life provides:

  • Insights and solutions to problems related to personality preferences and to imbalances in the mind-body.
  • Coaching tools and strategies to resolve conflict, clarify issues and move consciously toward an outcome.
  • Step-by-step reflexology and yoga excercises to stimulate and balance the mind-body and relieve stress and tension.


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You as an Independent Business Person in the Natural Healing Arts

by Danielle Gault

You as an Independent Business Person in the Natural Healing Arts


This book combines relevant theory with practical insight and tools for running your business. Many people in the natural healing arts field have a challenging time getting their business off the ground or developing their business to the next level. Some of these challenges can be around the idea of running a business itself or can be around how one feels about taking money for services provided. This practical book will provide you with insights into your patterns for running your independent business.

You will gain:

  • A better understanding of yourself and your business
  • Improved ability to discuss and satisfy your professional needs
  • Enhanced problem-solving abilities
  • Greater clarity to run your business professionally.



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